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Dancing in the Gap

“Don’t lament so much about how your career is going to turn out. You don’t have a career, you have a life.” – Cheryl Strayed “Cease to be a drudge, seek to be an artist.” – Mary McLeod Bethune “I knew I had been transformed, moved by the revelation that human beings create art, that…

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Magic is the Moment

I have a bucket of magic carefully collected from places near and far. I scoop it out by the ladle and mix it together in jumbles of words with a twinkle of the eye and share it in conversations and social media and blog posts. Sometimes my efforts spark imagination and sometimes they fall into…

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Myths and Pretty Stories

“Like the elite of ancient Egypt, most people in most cultures dedicate their lives to building pyramids. Only the names, shapes and sizes of these pyramids change from one culture to the other. They may take the form, for example, of a suburban cottage with a swimming pool and an evergreen lawn, or a gleaming…

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The Battle of Timidity and Boldness

“Focus your attention on the link between you and your death, without remorse or sadness or worrying. Focus your attention on the fact you don’t have time and let your acts flow accordingly. Let each of your acts be your last battle on earth. Only under those conditions will your acts have their rightful power….