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What to Do With Our Time

you will never catch up.Walk around feeling like a leafknow you could tumble at any second.Then decide what to do with your time.― Naomi Shihab Nye, The Art of Disappearing I’ve fallen in love with the bullet journal again. It’s not so much because of a love of organization, it’s more a need for organization…

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Something Meaningful

Every day I die again, and again I’m rebornEvery day I have to find the courageTo walk out into the streetWith arms outGot a love you can’t defeatNeither down nor outThere’s nothing you have that I needI can breatheBreathe now— U2, Breathe When you settle into a conversation about the best U2 songs, well, it’s…

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One’s Way

“The important thing is never to let oneself be guided by the opinion of one’s contemporaries; to continue steadfastly on one’s way without letting oneself be either defeated by failure or diverted by applause.” — Gustav Mahler Gustav Mahler was an Austrian composer who’s work is familiar to us whether we know it or not….

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The Steps Between Hurdles

“Set it in your mind right now that the process is more important than the result. You don’t control the result; what you control are your actions.” — Brian P. Moran, The 12 Week Year It’s that time of year, when some of us are more hyper-focused on improving our productivity and effectiveness in our…

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Not Everything Dies

Dear heart, I shall not altogether die.Something of my elusive scattered spiritshall within the line’s diaphanous urnby Poetry be piously preserved.— Samuel Beckett, Non Omnis Moriar Samuel Beckett’s first stanza is a mic drop precisely because we feel the truth in it. Non Omnis Moriar—not everything dies—because we create ripples that reverberate and live beyond…