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From This Moment

“How quietly Ibegin again from this momentlooking at the clock, I start over So much time haspassed, and is equaledby whateversplit-second is present from thismoment this momentis the first”– Wendell Berry, Be Still In Haste Two weeks into the New Year. About as distracting a beginning to a New Year as I can ever recall….

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Going to Zero

“You’re alive. You have one very short life. When your life ends, it goes to zero. To you its indistinguishable, from your perspective your death is indistinguishable from the end of the world. As far as you’re concerned the world has disappeared. Because when you came into existence the world appeared. When you go out…

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“Real power is not in momentary desires, but in complete calmness.” – Leo Tolstoy I have a bit of nervous energy as I write this. I’m traveling tomorrow for the first time in seven months and there’s a vibrating exhilaration deep inside knowing that I’m getting on a plane again, going to another state and…

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The Endless Stream

“Make a list of the activities that are non-dual in nature… Meditation, yoga, creating art, playing, reading for fun, writing, journaling, creating a business for fun. Not fooling yourself, paying attention to yourself. Not taking yourself too seriously. Examining your own thoughts for first principles. Doing activities for you and not the external world,” –…