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Going to Zero

“You’re alive. You have one very short life. When your life ends, it goes to zero. To you its indistinguishable, from your perspective your death is indistinguishable from the end of the world. As far as you’re concerned the world has disappeared. Because when you came into existence the world appeared. When you go out…

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“Real power is not in momentary desires, but in complete calmness.” – Leo Tolstoy I have a bit of nervous energy as I write this. I’m traveling tomorrow for the first time in seven months and there’s a vibrating exhilaration deep inside knowing that I’m getting on a plane again, going to another state and…

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The Endless Stream

“Make a list of the activities that are non-dual in nature… Meditation, yoga, creating art, playing, reading for fun, writing, journaling, creating a business for fun. Not fooling yourself, paying attention to yourself. Not taking yourself too seriously. Examining your own thoughts for first principles. Doing activities for you and not the external world,” –…

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Drink Up Before the Dregs

“Lay hold of to-day’s task, and you will not need to depend so much upon to-morrow’s. While we are postponing, life speeds by. Nothing, Lucilius, is ours, except time.” – Seneca “What is the state of things, then? It is this: I do not regard a man as poor, if the little which remains is…

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That Fire Was

“Ashes denote that fire was;Respect the grayest pileFor the departed creature’s sakeThat hovered there awhile.Fire exists the first in light,And then consolidates, —Only the chemist can discloseInto what carbonates.” – Emily Dickinson, Fire I once climbed into a cave deep in the Grand Canyon and observed the soot accumulated on the ceiling from fires generations…

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For this Moment

I’m a bit lost this morning with the writing. Most days it comes naturally. Not so much today. This morning I found a lovely poem that I thought might be a great starting point but, upon reflection, reserved it for a eulogy I’m writing. Unless I scrap it for another passage I’m contemplating. But either…


A Change of Plans

“Death is one prophecy that never fails. Every person is born with a death sentence. Each second that passes by is one you’ll never get back.“ – Edmund Wilson We all have other plans. Each day is expected to be roughly what we thought it might be when we went to bed the night before….