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The Random Gift of Injury

Stoicism is accepting whatever the world throws at you. Not to be bullied by the universe, but to accept fate and manage the moment. This, of course, is an oversimplification, but for our purposes we’ll run with this definition. There are bookshelves full of stoic philosophy at the ready should you wish to dive deeper….

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Live It Properly

“Think of yourself as dead. You have lived your life. Now take what’s left and live it properly.” — Marcus Aurelius There’s something about an extended vacation that makes you hyper-aware of the world you return to. You gain new perspective on the world, you break free of the stories you’ve been telling yourself, the…

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Have Your Day

Time drops in decay, Like a candle burnt out, And the mountains and woods Have their day, have their day; What one in the rout Of the fire-born moods Has fallen away?– WB Yeats, The Moods The Moods, as I understand it, are the messengers from God (God, in turn, is fire). Whatever your beliefs,…

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Trusting Dawn

The brain burrows in its earthand sleeps,trusting dawn, though the sun’slight is a light without precedent, neverproved ahead of its coming, waited forby the law that hope has made it.– Wendell Berry, The Design of a House We all trust in dawn, and the fresh beginning it offers us. And now that it’s here, why…

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Today, as Forever

“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it is forever.” – Carl Sagan I met an old friend at the airport, both of us heading for the same plane, and we caught up on each other’s lives until we boarded the plane and went our separate ways on the other end…

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Until We Are Not

The singular and cheerful lifeof any flowerin anyone’s gardenor any still unowned field— if there are any—catches meby the heart,by its color, by its obedienceto the holiest of laws:be aliveuntil you are not.– Mary Oliver, The Singular and Cheerful Life We all have gut punches along the way. Moments of bliss interrupted by the fiercest…

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Breaking Garden (and Life) Rules

I regularly break the accepted rules of gardening. Rules like putting the tall plants in the back of the garden. But when something like a balloon flower (Platycodon grandiflorus) or bee balm (Monarda) are shoved way to the back you lose something intimate that you gain when they’re right in your face. So my apologies…

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Illusions of the Moment

“When you go through life with preferences but don’t let your happiness depend on any one of them, then you’re awake. You’re moving toward wakefulness. Wakefulness, happiness—call it what you wish—is the state of nondelusion, where you see things not as you are but as they are, insofar as this is possible for a human…