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Memories, Kept Secretly

“What we are given is taken away, but we manage to keep it secretly. We lose everything, but make harvest of the consequence it was to us.” – Jack Gilbert, “Moreover” The Carolina Wrenn has been singing to me all winter. I thought he might have gone south to try the dating scene down there,…

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Defer or Dance?

“Begin at once to live, and count each separate day as a separate life.” – Seneca The other night I was walking alone on the street.  Except I wasn’t alone at all.  Two great horned owls were calling out to each other high in the pine trees, moving silently in a dance of their own around…

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White As Snow

(Reposting this from December 7 after it reverted to a draft for some reason) A few days ago I said let it snow, and 1200 miles of driving in it constantly across the middle and Southern Tier of New York and through Massachusetts and New Hampshire I regret not being more specific in my statement….

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The Migration

The skies are filled with masses of migrating birds this time of year. They pirouette in sky dance, beautiful shape shifters creating momentary sculpture of black on blue. Where they’re heading from here I don’t know, but I’m grateful for our moment together before they bring their art show to another stage. Another migration takes…

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Solving the Wren Riddle

I was clearly wrong. My educated guess was off the mark. My attempts at online research failed. Apps I trusted to point me in the right direction flopped. So it goes. I’ve written about my attempts to identify a bird I wasn’t familiar with that has moved into the neighborhood. And not just this neighborhood…

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And Then Came the Crows

It was the owls that first woke me. Talking to each other in conspiratorial murmurs. As the darkness faded to light they moved on and the brown thrasher took over; ever the early bird. Soon the sharp honk of geese flying in tight formation and whooshing feathers carving air to advantage. And then came the…

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Few birds inspire awe like an osprey as it hovers and dives 30-40 feet to pluck a seafood dinner out of the bay. I’m grateful for digital cameras as I wasted plenty of shots trying to do the osprey hunting overhead justice. Surely a better photographer than me could capture this raptor more impressively, but…