Alexanders map

"Rise free from care before the dawn, and seek adventures." - Henry David Thoreau

Alexander’s Map was created in 1625 both to show people where to go in the New World and as a marketing tool for drawing people to settle there (as part of William Alexander’s pamphlet Encouragement to Colonies).  It was the first map to reference Cape Cod, New Scotland, Prince Edward Island and Quebec (“Kebec”).  I use the name because I’m fascinated with the history in the Northeast, and focus appropriately on New England, New York and Eastern Canada for that reason.

Alexander’s Map was also a call to action – to go forth and see new places – and that’s what I aim to do and share in this blog.  But journeys aren’t just travel, and I explore topics like stoicism, music, habit formation, exercise, writing and gardening to hopefully become a better person as well.  Ultimately we’re all here such a short time, why not make the most of this moment?

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