Month: February 2018



Separating the surf from the mainland, dunes are a critical protective barrier.  When storm surge threatens inland areas, it’s often the only thing standing in the way.  Dunes aren’t just piles of sand, they’re an ecosystem of dune grass, small shrubs and other plants adapted to survive this hostile environment.  Birds and other animals live…


Finding a New Routine

Finding a New Routine When Bodhi was younger we would easily cover three or four miles in an hour walking every night.  We were both power walkers, and we had a rythym and pace that we both understood and enjoyed.  Bodhi was clearly burning more calories than I was because in addition to keeping pace…


Common Periwinkle

Common Periwinkle Consider the common periwinkle.  It lives a life relatively invisible to humans, unless you happen to be on the coast in New England anyway.  Even then most people wouldn’t think anything of these creatures.  And why not?  The Common Periwinkle lives a modest life fixed to rocks or marsh grass, scarping and eating…

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The Buzzard in the Bay

Buzzards Bay is a 28 mile long body of water lined on one side by the mainland of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, and on the other by Cape Cod, the Elizabeth Islands and Martha’s Vineyard.  Buzzards Bay is named after the osprey’s that thrived along the bay.  Osprey are very different from buzzards, but the…

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The NJ to NH Run

As a road warrier, I’m used to long drives.  Honestly, I don’t even blink when I drive 6-7 hours anymore.  The one exception to that is the drive back from New Jersey to New Hampshire.  The timing of the drive is critical, and so is the weather.  This afternoon neither worked in my favor. From…

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Mount Hope Bridge

Bristol, Rhode Island is home to the first and thus oldest 4th of July parade in America.  The stripe down the middle of the road is red, white and blue.  This town is patriotic and quaint.  It’s home to Roger Williams University and the America’s Cup Museum, but my favorite thing in this town is…


Maple Season

As the days get longer and the sun sits higher in the sky, a site unique to the region starts to appear.  Buckets or plastic barrels start to appear around the maple trees.  Plastic tubing running from the trunks of tree to to these containers wind through the woods.  Maple syrup season is upon us….


For the Birds

Yesterday while walking with Bodhi I caught a glimpse of brilliant blue in a neighbors tree.  It was a bluebird frittering from branch to branch.  With the snow as a backdrop it’s colors were thrilling as I paused to watch it.  Its not lost on me that I use descriptive adjectives often, and I offer no…

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Morning Person

I like to think of myself as a morning person.  Most days I actually am one.  By morning I mean that period of time between night and when the sun rises.  Pre-dawn is my time.  It goes back to when I coached crew and had to be up at 4:30 to get to the boathouse….


Ebb & Flow

Temperatures in southern New Hampshire have risen into the mid-40’s today.  As a result the snow pack is melting, swelling the streams, creating foggy patches and revealing bare lawn and a hint of the pool cover.  It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing spring is in the air.  Hardened New Englanders don’t take…