Month: March 2019

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Yes… and especially, No

I’ve been very deliberately cleansing my news feed.  I Believe that I need to be informed, see both sides of issues and get my news from multiple sources.  But there’s so much insidious outrage porn out there that I’ve become an aggressive editor to what comes at me.  This is not analogous to putting my…


Faraway Birds

Up before the dawn, I grabbed my phone and walked down to the water.  These are my favorite moments of the day; to look out at the gray stillness and watch the coming of the light.  Sunsets are grand things that garner the most attention because their more accessible.  And I love a good sunset…


Short Run to a Long Run

“The short game is putting off anything that seems hard for doing something that seems easy or fun.  The short game offers visible and immediate benefits.  The short game is seductive.” – Shane Parrish “I hope we can all agree that the long run is made up of a bunch of short runs.  That seems…

History/Travel | Travel

York Gaol

Sitting on a small hill in York, Maine is a gambrel-roofed wood and stone building of consequence.  With the original construction beginning 300 years ago this year, it’s been a unique witness to history.  This is a building with stories to tell. Gaol means jail, and that’s what this building was for the Province of…


There Once Was a Sink From Nantucket

The last few days have been a whirlwind.  Running all over creation in search of a viable solution to a vexing problem: an undersized vanity and a hard deadline from the countertop people. It started off innocently enough.  We had the sink we needed, we had the countertop ordered and the vanity was installed by…


Candlemas Massacre: The Raid on York

Wandering around New England today, it’s difficult to imagine this place as the frontier and a war zone.  But you don’t have to look far to see evidence of ancient atrocities.  In 1692 one of those atrocities took place in York, Maine.  200-300 Penobscot Indians led be sachem Madockawando and Father Louis-Pierre Thury, a French missionary…


Boulder Hopping

When I was a kid I’d spend hours climbing on boulders, hopping from one to the next like a goat.  As I got older this tendency didn’t fade.  Instead, the boulders got bigger.  Hiking a boulder cove on a White Mountain trail is still a delight and I hope it always will be.  Perhaps the…


Day One

One day or day one.  You decide. – Paolo Coelho Knocking off a few projects this weekend.  Have some big projects still in front of me.  This quote hits the mark on a few levels.  At the root it’s message of beginning instead of waiting for the right time is dead on. Onward.


Bay View

Looking out at Buzzards Bay again tonight, and it occurred to me that I’m likely going to spend more time here in the winter and spring than I will this summer.  Strange to think that, but the reality is I only have so much vacation time and the family’s demand for the house is very…