Faraway Birds

Up before the dawn, I grabbed my phone and walked down to the water.  These are my favorite moments of the day; to look out at the gray stillness and watch the coming of the light.  Sunsets are grand things that garner the most attention because their more accessible.  And I love a good sunset as much as anyone.   But sunrise is my time.

This morning brought a pink and salmon sky and a chorus of thousands of unseen migratory birds saying “It’s time!  It’s time!” as they discuss their own plans for the day amongst themselves.  Today is March 30th, and the bay is still.  No boats, no planes dragging insurance company banners behind them, no social media buzz, no landscapers blowing grass clippings, no noise save for those birds.

I didn’t stay for the sun to pop up over the horizon.  This time of year it’s hidden behind a spit of land jutting out from the Pocasset River.  The best show is well before that anyway.  But the full day is ahead of me, and soon us as the human world wakes up and drowns out the chorus of faraway birds.

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