There Once Was a Sink From Nantucket

The last few days have been a whirlwind.  Running all over creation in search of a viable solution to a vexing problem: an undersized vanity and a hard deadline from the countertop people.

It started off innocently enough.  We had the sink we needed, we had the countertop ordered and the vanity was installed by yours truly over the weekend.  Everything was in screaming successful installation….  which made me nervous.  Nothing is easy and this couldn’t be THAT easy, right?  Right.  Dry fitting the sink I discovered that it was too deep, and I had a guy coming to measure the template and pick up the sink for installation in two days(!!).

I returned the sink for a smaller one and drove it down on Tuesday to meet the counter guy.  Dry fit revealed it too was too big.  Cursing myself for not bringing the measurements with me, I quickly drove to Wareham to see what the plumbing supply place had.  No go.  Home Depot? No go.  Lowe’s?  No… go.  So I hustled back with the smallest sink they stocked and realized it too was too big.  Meeting the counter guy, I told him I’d be by their shop tomorrow (today) with a smaller one.

Quick online searches and some phone calls brought relief – one left in stock in Boston!  Buy it now to hold it and pick it up in the morning!  Whew!

This morning I got up at 4 AM, drove to Boston to pick up the sink, drove it to Bourne and proudly handed it to the salesperson.  Her response?  We have this same sink in the next room.  See?   Life is either a grand adventure or nothing at all.  But it’s best to check local stock before you drive all over creation trying to find something that was right under your nose the whole time.

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