For the Birds

Yesterday while walking with Bodhi I caught a glimpse of brilliant blue in a neighbors tree.  It was a bluebird frittering from branch to branch.  With the snow as a backdrop it’s colors were thrilling as I paused to watch it.  Its not lost on me that I use descriptive adjectives often, and I offer no apologies. The ride is short and I’m going to make the most of it while on it.

I’m not a birdwatcher per se, as in you won’t find me with a pair of binoculars chasing a tufted titmouse.  But I take the time to observe them, as I do other wildlife.  Bluebirds, finches, orioles, cardinals and hummingbirds highlight the backyard, offering life, motion and color to a sometimes drab canvas.  Hawks, eagles and osprey, so focused on their next meal, are thrilling to watch in action.  Pileated woodpeckers offer their own thrill, with a unique call and a rapid, loud knock that betrays their presence even when you don’t see these shy birds.

As I’ve said before, I feed the birds, and view the investment in time and seed as worthwhile.  Bluebirds don’t generally visit my yard for seed because they prefer mealworms.  I’ve already started planning the addition of a Bluebird feeder, with it’s smaller 1 1/2′ holes to keep the bigger birds out.  The ground is frozen now and I don’t think it practical to add another feeder to an already crowded pole out back.

Having an awareness of the world around you – birds, flowers, stars in the sky, the gurgling of the stream as the snow melt feeds it – doesn’t seem unusual to me, but it feels like many people don’t notice, or don’t care.  Maybe they’re much more focused on their careers, or their projects, or replaying a scene from something they watched on television.  Or maybe I don’t notice them noticing the same things I notice.

We got eight inches of snow overnight, but its rapidly melting as the sun does its work.  Spring is closer, and with it the world becomes more alive.  I’m sensing change in the air.  Longer days as the earth tilts us towards the sun.  2018 is two months old and already highly interesting.  I’ll be starting a new job soon too.  Brilliant color on an otherwise drab landscape draws my eye.  I feel its worth the investment.

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