Dragonflies and Cormorants

Dragonflies and Cormorants

Today was a day of heavy rain in much of New England.  During a break in the rain I took a walk around the garden to assess things.  When you get a couple of inches of rain quickly it tends to knock down some plants and tree branches.  While I was looking at the garden I noticed a dragonfly clinging to a flower stem, wings spread wide and head moving around looking for predators or prey.  I think it thought of me as the former, but who knows?  Maybe it’s a really confident dragonfly and it was thinking of me as prey.

The dragonfly reminded me of Cormorants spreading their wings to dry.  I’m sure the dragonfly was doing that as well.  I’m sure there are a lot of birds and flying bugs that exhibit the same behavior, but I honestly can’t think of any others.  Ducks and geese don’t seem to hang out with their wings spread wide.  Butterflies and moths may do it, but I wouldn’t know the difference.

So to me dragonflies and cormorants have a connection.  Evolution has brought us to this moment when they’re both displaying a trait, while entirely practical, still seems rare in their respective species.  Does this interest anyone besides me?  Perhaps not.

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