Maple Season

As the days get longer and the sun sits higher in the sky, a site unique to the region starts to appear.  Buckets or plastic barrels start to appear around the maple trees.  Plastic tubing running from the trunks of tree to to these containers wind through the woods.  Maple syrup season is upon us….


For the Birds

Yesterday while walking with Bodhi I caught a glimpse of brilliant blue in a neighbors tree.  It was a bluebird frittering from branch to branch.  With the snow as a backdrop it’s colors were thrilling as I paused to watch it.  Its not lost on me that I use descriptive adjectives often, and I offer no…

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Morning Person

I like to think of myself as a morning person.  Most days I actually am one.  By morning I mean that period of time between night and when the sun rises.  Pre-dawn is my time.  It goes back to when I coached crew and had to be up at 4:30 to get to the boathouse….


Ebb & Flow

Temperatures in southern New Hampshire have risen into the mid-40’s today.  As a result the snow pack is melting, swelling the streams, creating foggy patches and revealing bare lawn and a hint of the pool cover.  It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing spring is in the air.  Hardened New Englanders don’t take…


Sea Glass

Another offseason walk on the beach brought me to Salisbury Beach.  I walk for all the reasons you might expect, and I seek out open space to give my mind room to expand.  Salisbury in summer is a mess of arcades, pizza joints and go-carts.  It’s slowly gentrifying, but it’s no Rye.  Salisbury is a…

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New England is deeply rooted in its colonial past.  Walking through the woods in most towns in the area, you’ll come across miles of stone walls, old cellar holes and forgotten road beds.  But there is no walk in the woods quite like Dogtown Common.  I had an opportunity to take a walk through this…

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Ambient Light

Last night was one of those nights you hope for when you’re a stargazer.  Brilliantly clear skies, with cold air providing sharp focus.  Just a quick glance at the sky showed old friends Orion, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, and down low in the southern sky, Canis Major with the brilliant Sirius a beacon on…


Population Growth and Conservation

This morning there were six to eight deer in the woods behind my home.  It was hard to tell exactly how many since they blend into the woods so well.  That camouflage helps with survival in a harsh world full of predators.  The wild turkeys that make an appearance almost daily around the area sport…

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I came back from a trip to Upstate New York to find a skating rink for a driveway.  It’s a northeast thing.  February snow quickly turns to concrete when you add freezing rain on top of it and give it a night to set in.  The key is to be diligent about cleaning the driveway,…


Playlist: Beach Music, February Edition

My musical tastes are pretty eclectic and diverse.  I run from classical to heavy metal, with long stops in alternative and classic rock.  But beach music is what I come back to time and again.  It’s a year-long soundtrack, whether I’m on a beach or thawing out inside after shoveling the driveway.  Beach music isn’t…