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Gone From My Sight

I am standing upon the seashore.A ship at my side spreads her whitesails to the morning breeze and starts for the blue ocean. She is an object of beauty and strength.I stand and watch her until at lengthshe hangs like a speck of white cloudjust where the sea and sky cometo mingle with each other….

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Something Mighty and Sublime

Rest not!Life is sweeping bygo and dare before you die.Something mighty and sublime,leave behind to conquer time.— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Goethe once wrestled with the desire to accomplish great things while enjoying the comforts of a bourgeois lifestyle. By all accounts he succeeded in transcending the ordinary with his writing. And what of us?…

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No Regrets

The Regret Minimization Framework is simple. The goal is to minimize the number of regrets in life. So when faced with a difficult decision:(1) Project yourself forward into the future.(2) Look back on the decision.(3) Ask “Will I regret not doing this?”(4) Act accordingly.— @SahilBloom This Regret Minimization Framework business seems a bit hokey, doesn’t…

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Haze Be Damned

“No one cares about your potential if you never deliver.” — @orangebook There are many moments when we don’t feel like doing whatever it is we must do. The last two days were filled with a few examples for me. Ultimately we’ve got to follow through on our obligations if we’re ever going to achieve…


We Write to Share

Every little bit of writing counts, I should think. This post, dropped much later in the day than the norm, ought to count just as much as the one dropped before the sunrise. Yet it feels different. Writing is as much about ritual as it is about content. We seek the truth in our words…