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What Shapes Us

All that passes descends,and ascends again unseeninto the light: the rivercoming down from skyto hills, from hills to sea,and carving as it moves,to rise invisible,gathered to light, to returnagain. “The river’s injuryis its shape.” I’ve learned no more.We are what we are givenand what is taken away;blessed be the nameof the giver and taker.For everything…

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Night Dies For Day

Day’s sweetest moments are at dawn;Refreshed by his long sleep, the LightKisses the languid lips of Night,Ere she can rise and hasten on.All glowing from his dreamless restHe holds her closely to his breast,Warm lip to lip and limb to limb,Until she dies for love of him.– Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Dawn Sleeping in is relative…

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Eudaimonia: The Act of Living Well

There’s an ancient Greek word, frequently associated with Aristotle, called eudaimonia. Aristotle meant it as living virtuously. It’s best translated in modern English not as “happiness”, but as “flourishing” or “living well”. Let’s face it, chasing happiness is a fools game (for happiness is an evasive and subjective pursuit, and without purpose, empty), but pursuing…

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Creating Something, Daily

“All art is but dirtying the paper delicately.” – John Ruskin The great thing about writing every morning is that feeling of creating something out of nothing. Reinforcing long term habits you once told yourself you ought to have with a little discipline. Discovering new things and figuring out a bit of yourself one post…

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George Harrison in Four Songs

George Harrison passed away twenty years ago today, on the 29th of November, 2001. So soon after 9/11 it made the moment feel like the universe was piling on a bit, for George—the quiet Beatle—was the one I identified with the most. In these last twenty years I’ve come to appreciate his work even more….

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Thoughts on Get Back

You and I have memoriesLonger than the road that stretches out ahead– John Lennon/Paul McCartney, Two of Us Watching close to eight hours of the creative process as The Beatles hash through two album’s worth of material in the Disney+ series Get Back was fascinating and informative. Fascinating as a lifetime Beatles fan watching these…

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Getting to Deeper Work

“In an age of network tools… knowledge workers increasingly replace deep work with the shallow alternative—constantly sending and receiving e-mail messages like human network routers, with frequent breaks for quick hits of distraction. Larger efforts that would be well served by deep thinking, such as forming a new business strategy or writing an important grant…