Getting Lost is Not a Waste of Time

“We can park the van and walk to town Find the cheapest bottle of wine that we could find And talk about the road behind How getting lost is not a waste of time Le Bois d’Amour will take us home And in a moment we will sing as the forest sleeps” – Jack Johnson,Continue reading “Getting Lost is Not a Waste of Time”

Is It Yourself You Seek?

It is yourself you seek In a long rage, Scanning through light and darkness Mirrors, the page, Where should reflected be Those eyes and that thick hair, That passionate look, that laughter. You should appear Within the book, or doubled, Freed, in the silvered glass; Into all other bodies Yourself should pass. The glass doesContinue reading “Is It Yourself You Seek?”

Capturing the Light

There is a scene in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty where Walter Mitty looks at a picture of Sean O’Connell.  Walter is the daydreaming, play life straight ahead guy, Sean is the bold, adventurous photographer who masterfully dances on the edge between chaos and order.  Walter looks at the picture of Sean looking backContinue reading “Capturing the Light”

The Sound of Familiar

“I hope you’re haunted by the music of my soul When I’m gone” – Greg Allman, My Only True Friend There is what feels like a thousand Black-capped Chickadees living in the holly bush next to my deck. They’re the state bird of both neighboring Massachusetts and Maine. New Hampshire, sitting between these two states,Continue reading “The Sound of Familiar”

Spring Chorus At The Edge

It began with a White-Throated Sparrow, with its extraordinary high-pitched song. It likely wasn’t the first singer of the morning, but it was the first to draw my attention. Soon I was sitting outside in the cold, dim light, sipping coffee and wondering at the divisi chorus rising with the lux level. I’m no expertContinue reading “Spring Chorus At The Edge”

A Rainy Day Soundtrack in Five Jackson Browne Songs

It’s raining today.  It’s April in New England and such things are to be expected.  I set my alarm every night for 6:30 AM, and I’m usually up well before it ever goes off.  This morning I was finishing a dream I don’t recall except that someone was about to speak and as they openedContinue reading “A Rainy Day Soundtrack in Five Jackson Browne Songs”

There But For The Grace Of You Go I

“And as I watch the drops of rain Weave their weary paths and die I know that I am like the rain There but for the grace of you go I” – Simon & Garfunkel, Kathy’s Song These lyrics were highlighted for me by a young lady I met when I was 19 and figuringContinue reading “There But For The Grace Of You Go I”

Rest In Peace, Happy Enchilada

And then COVID-19 took John Prine…  I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye to him.  Surely losing Bill Withers to heart disease last week was tough enough, but now another voice from my private stock is gone too soon.  I share the Withers tunes with the world, and the world embraces them.  But honestly mostContinue reading “Rest In Peace, Happy Enchilada”

We Are Stardust

Serendipity lately seems to be taking me to the stars.  I dance with the stars often, as anyone who follows me can attest.  But the stars seem aligned (sorry) for me to write about them once again today.  It began with Ryan Holiday quoting the familiar phrase “we are stardust” in his exceptional book StillnessContinue reading “We Are Stardust”