Keep it Simple

I quietly shelved plans to hike yesterday. Thunderstorms in the forecast, friends coming over, yard work to do… you know: excuses.  Instead I did projects and regretted not getting out there and hiking.  Lesson learned.  But the bulkhead looks better than it ever has with a fresh coat of paint and the lawn has beenContinue reading “Keep it Simple”

Choosing the Great Over the New

New is overvalued relative to great.  … for example, when choosing which movie to watch or what book to read, are you drawn to proven classics or the newest big thing?  In my opinion, it is smarter to choose the great over the new.” – Ray Dalio I’m reading a Henry David Thoreau book calledContinue reading “Choosing the Great Over the New”

Choices & Habits, Hell Yes or No

Mulling over this Tweet from James Clear today: The 2 keys to Elite Results 1) Make great choices 2) Build great habits Your choices – what you work on, who you work with – create leverage.  A good initial choice can deliver 100x payoff. Your habits unleash leverage.  Without great habits, great choices are justContinue reading “Choices & Habits, Hell Yes or No”