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A Moment With Snow

Aren’t there momentsthat are better than knowing something,and sweeter? Snow was falling,so much like starsfilling the dark treesthat one could easily imagineits reason for being was nothing morethan prettiness. — Mary Oliver, Snowy Night I know I have some readers in other parts of the world where snow is a distant memory or an impossibility….

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White As Snow

(Reposting this from December 7 after it reverted to a draft for some reason) A few days ago I said let it snow, and 1200 miles of driving in it constantly across the middle and Southern Tier of New York and through Massachusetts and New Hampshire I regret not being more specific in my statement….

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Let it Snow

The snow arrived late in the day Sunday, and is staying for awhile. It wasn’t a surprise; this storm has lumbered across the country painting the landscape white, and now it’s New Hampshire’s turn. I welcome it with the reluctance of a road warrior. This guest came at a bad time, but snow is here…


Chickadees in the Snow

“All substance is soon absorbed into nature, all that animates it soon restored to the logos, all trace of them both soon covered over by time.” – Marcus Aurelius I was helping Bodhi down the stairs last night and noticed a set of chickadee tracks in the snow.  I thought to myself that they would…


Coating to an Inch

There’s mental math that you do when you live in New England.  When the forecast calls for snow followed by temperatures above freezing, you need to decide the cutoff point where you ignore or clear the snow accumulated on the driveway.  Today is a classic case of just enough accumulation – more than a coating…


A Stake in the Ground

A Stake in the Ground Here in New England, if you own property and you want the keep your lawn intact you have to mark the line where the lawn meets the street.  This is so that tired plow drivers don’t take the shortest path between two points and plow straight across your lawn.  Having…