Alexander’s Map

Alexander’s Map

A new year, and a new pursuit; this blog.  So why the name?

Alexander’s Map is a rare map published in 1624 to encourage colonization of the lands granted to William Alexander.  The map gives an early, if inaccurate, glimpse at this region that I’m so fascinated with.  Alexander’s Map stretches from present-day Massachusetts to Newfoundland to the northeast and Quebec (“New France”) to the north.  
My blog will cover observations from living in this region, and will also include observations from as far west as Buffalo and as far south as New Jersey.  This is where I spend much of my time, and with so much history, food, sports and geological and cultural diversity to explore it will be fun to explore this in writing.  I hope you’ll enjoy the journey with me.

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  1. You can employ, and we can enjoy, your thoughtful musings without the clamor of Facebook. Can be linked if you miss the glamour 😉 Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to reading more.

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