Jupiter Rising

Jupiter Rising

April 22nd and change is in the air.  Spring is finally here.  With it come the return of the peepers, buds on the trees and pollen.  The puffiness in my eyes betray the rise in pollen counts.  But I’ll accept the discomfort to push aside a stubborn winter.

The night sky is changing with the season.  With the tilt of the earth come longer days as the northern hemisphere embraces the sun.  With that tilt comes a different look to the sky.  The sun rises and sets in different places than before as we march towards the 23.5 degree rotation on June 21st.  So we say goodbye for now to Orion, still low in the western sky.

Jupiter is rising in the East.  I don’t buy into the hype that I’m suddenly going to be lucky financially or that it brings some other astrological windfall my way.  But seeing Jupiter rising is a welcome site for me.  And sure, I’d be happy to accept a financial windfall or good luck or positive mojo emanating from the planetary power of Jupiter.  But I’d be happy just to see spring win out for awhile before conceding to summer.

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