Past Peak

Past Peak

It’s hard to believe, but the flowers in the garden are past peak.  While still beautiful, it’s clear that the vibrant burst of color seen just days ago is waining.  In particular, the Yucca and Tiger Lillies have faded slightly, and some of the bee balm is starting to fade as well, though still putting their best face forward.

Such are the seasons.  We still have a long way to go of course.  Sunflowers, daisy’s, sedum, dahlias and many more mid-to-late season bloomers are all still vigorous and ready to join the fray.  Indeed there are many blooms to go.  But just as the days are getting steadily shorter, so too the garden changes its complexion as July marches onward.

At 52 I can certainly see this in myself as well.  Perhaps past peak, but still – hopefully – a long way to go.  But just as the garden suffers when neglected, so the body breaks down when I eat poorly and don’t exercise.  The garden serves as a reminder and an example.  Best to listen.

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