A Walk on the Beach in December

In some way my walk on Salisbury Beach today was a bookend moment for 2018.  I took a similar walk on this beach earlier in the year (writing about sea glass).  This time I was looking at my computer screen and decided I needed to take a walk.  Where better to walk than a quiet offseason beach?

Winter beach walks are different in a few ways.  First, and most obviously, the water and air are colder, so you aren’t barefoot unless you’re hardcore.  I don’t shy away from cold water swims, but I wasn’t going to walk barefoot today.  Second, and almost as obviously, there aren’t all that many people keeping you company.  This solitude, combined with the sound of the surf, promotes quiet reflection.  And another difference in winter walks on the beach plenty of free parking.  I have a real problem with paying to park for a walk on the beach.

I’ve always said I couldn’t live in the desert because I’d miss the ocean too much.  And yet I don’t really spend all that much time on the ocean or even looking at it.  But I know it’s there, within reach, and sometimes that’s enough.  Today it wasn’t enough, so I visited the beach for a short walk and a few pictures.  The sun was setting behind the rows of houses lining the beach, which cast a beautiful light across the beach and waves rolling in.

I need to do this more.  We all do.  I believe that most of the worlds problems could be solved with long quiet walks on the beach.  I’m doing my part.

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