A Case for Micro Spikes

A Case for Micro Spikes

I slipped on the ice the other day and landed hard on my back.  The backyard was a sheet of ice with a dusting of snow on top of it.  I knew the dangers of these conditions, after all, I’ve lived in New England most of my life.  But I couldn’t find the micro spikes after turning out the camping stuff and looking in all the usual spots, so I decided to walk carefully and slowly.  Bad move.  The ice sloped down towards the back fence, and the coating of snow on top of it created extremely hazardous conditions.  I tried to walk on blades of dormant glass that were popping up through the snow…  nope.  Before I knew it I was slammed onto my back.

I’ve been hit by a car and the world went into slow motion as I migrated from bumper to windshield.  I still remember it 42 years later.  This wasn’t like that.  No slow motion, no reaction time whatsoever.  Slammed onto the cold, hard ice at high velocity.  The only thing I managed to do was keep my head from hitting the ground.  People die from stuff like that.  I don’t care to die just yet.  
After lying on the ice for a minute assessing my condition, I could tell I did some damage, but it wasn’t catastrophic.  No, just painful.  Hell, two days later and its still painful.  I feel like Rocky pounded my ribcage for 9 rounds.  Just another winter in paradise.
I eventually found the micro spikes.  I’ll wear them from now on when I feed the birds.  Spring is less than 30 days away.  Around here that usually means second winter.  Best to keep those micro spikes handy.

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