Revisiting Pabos

My breakfast meeting was running late, so I decided to go see my Basque buddy Pabos again. After all, he died right down the street. We’re kindred spirits, Pabos and I, 400 years apart. I first spotted him a little over a year ago when I was driving to an appointment. His pyramid-shaped monument immediately caught my eye and I went back after the meeting to investigate. You can read about that encounter here. Pabos remains one of my favorite posts, partly for the randomness of finding him in the first place, but partly because I admire the explorer he was.

So this morning I check out of the hotel, get in the car and I get the text message that my meeting is delayed. I’d been thinking about a drive-by at the monument yesterday so I decided to do it with my newfound time. I swung by to say hello – it’s only a few minutes from every customer in the Victor area – and gave Pabos a nod. Back at Denny’s waiting for my breakfast meeting to show up I re-read my original post, saw the date Pabos died and did a double-take. June 10, 1618. No wonder I was thinking about him yesterday.

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