A Walk Amongst the Stars

Walking out, the night was pleasantly still and clear, and I instinctively glanced up to see what the walk had in store for me in the darkening sky.  Venus shining brightly in the west offered promise, with a faint El Nath riding just above her.  El Nath is the star that marks the tip of the left horn of Taurus.  I’m a Taurus myself, and so I’m pleased to see a bit of the constellation as it drops down for the night.  Taurus, like his eternal hunter nemesis Orion, roams the winter sky. Everything has its season, even the stars.

A quick survey around reveals Gemini to the southwest and further up Leo prowls above.  Like bird songs and French and cooking Indian food, I know the basics but I’m in no way a master at the night sky. But like those other pursuits I chip away at it when I can.  Tonight was no exception and I work at it a bit longer but the evening is already getting too bright.  Reaching the top of the hill I turn around and gasp at the stunning full yellow moon rising above the tree tops.  I linger in the middle of the road for a minute when I’m startled by a noise behind me.  A woman out for a walk is powering past, loud music vibrating out of her earbuds and reaching across to jolt me.  I mention the moon but she’s in no mood to talk to a stranger in the dark.  Neither was I, honestly.  I let her walk ahead to give her the space we all need on such a night.

The walker shook the magic out of the moment and I reluctantly walk back home.  I’m teased by a shooting star off in my peripheral vision.  They have a way of doing that, the rascals.  As I walk down the hill the moon disappears into the trees, but still illuminates the sky.  The stars, just emerging, grow faint again and I know it’s time to call it a night.  One last look around; Leo nods down at me and I say my farewells.  Another evening walk in the books, different from others in so many ways, as they always are. I didn’t focus on how far I walked, but my watch tells me I spent most of my time in the stars. That’s just like me.

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