The Moon, Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn

The deep orange sky at 4 AM was largely faded by 5 AM. What kind of world is this that 5 AM is too late in the day for the show? It’s the price of the longer days of June. You want the full show? Get up earlier. And I’ve learned another lesson in my time with the sky; You really want the full show? Look around. For there directly behind me was the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn in a dance with a faded Pluto. It seems 4 AM wasn’t quite early enough to find Pluto, even with binoculars. But now that I know you’re out there I’ll look more closely tonight.

A sunrise marks the beginning, a sunset announces the end. Nothing revolutionary in that observation. Here’s the thing about sunrises and sunsets that really strikes me: there’s far more of them that we miss than we can ever possibly see. I’ve missed thousands of stunning sunrises simply by being in the wrong place. Or, as with Pluto this morning, sometimes you just don’t get there in time. And sometimes you’re busy with other things. Or sometimes Mother Nature makes the decision for you. Then again, sometimes it’s on you. And I figure if I’m blessed with another day I ought to at least make the effort. There are only so many sometimes, aren’t there?

Monday is upon us. And with it a new beginning. Work to do, people to help, life to live. A chance to put a dent in the universe. A handful of sunrises and sunsets there for the viewing should you choose to put your eyes in front of them. And a planet dancing with two other planets by the glow of the moon. Now tell me, who would want to miss that?

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