For One September

This is a good year to think about how we use our time. Working is necessary, but so is recreation. And family time. And all the rest of the segmented buckets of time. Use it well or lose it forever. I don’t suppose its a good time for international travel. Or going to concerts. Or standing in line at crowded amusement parks. But there are plenty of good uses of time that don’t involve those things, aren’t there? I think time with those you love is the best time investment you can make. I don’t believe that makes me an outlier.

“We are actually awash with time and profligate in its abuse.” – Richard Koch, The 80/20 Principle

Looking up from the frenzy of life and it’s the end of September. Granted, a lot has happened in September. And candidly I’ve personally had better Septembers. But this is the September I was given, and so I’m pressing on with finishing the month as best I can and, if Fortune favors me, moving on to October. If we’re all lucky we’ll make it to October and maybe even 2021 with some measure of hope for the future. But one day at a time. We’ve still got today to contend with.

I think about the Koch quote: awash with time and profligate in its abuse. And tend to reflect on the abuses more than glow in the best uses. But isn’t that human nature? For all the wasted hours of opportunity, there have been moments of wonder sprinkled in too. And isn’t that the point? Life comes at us one way or the other, make your lemonade out of the lemons and your margaritas out of the limes. But rise to the occasion this day offers. Regrets are living in the past. Make use of now, before you squander this day too.

“If you enjoyed it, time was well-spent.” – Orange Book Tweet

When I look back on this month ten years from now, assuming I’ll still be dancing to the music in a decade, I’ll think of September for the loss of one remarkable man, hiking with friends and family, the home nest becoming full again as the fourth bird flew home, and for some remarkable moments in Acadia National Park. The rest – good and bad alike – blurs for me even now, even while we’re still in the month. But maybe that’s enough for one September.

Jordan Pond

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