On to 901

This is my 900th blog post. That seems a lot and not many at all, depending on your perspective. From my perspective it’s a benchmark of progress akin to checking your weight on the scale or assessing where you landed at the end of the quarter or fiscal year. In other words, it isn’t an end to blogging, it’s just a point in time to look around and see what you’ve done. And where you need to go from here.

From a cold numbers standpoint, this may be the 900th published, but there are another 56 drafts stacked up awaiting judgement behind it. And countless highlighted passages and quotes at the ready should I find myself tapped out. There’s never really been a shortage of things to write about. It’s always been about finding your voice.

According to one random source I found, there are 152 million blogs on the internet, and 75 millions using WordPress. Generally, I fall into the micro-blogger category because my average blog post is less than 1000 words. This is by design, as I blog daily and feel a long form blog post is more of a weekly or monthly output. This makes me more of a Seth Godin-cadence blogger than, say, a Tim Ferriss-cadence blogger. I’ve considered starting a second blog of long form content and keeping this one as it is. Instead, I’ll just mix in longer posts on those topics that warrant a deeper dive or break it up into daily nuggets.

Simply put, I’m not advertising, I’m not aggressively trying to gain followers through blogging. But I appreciate the followers I have, enjoy receiving comments and new followers, and generally try to keep things interesting enough that you don’t throw your hands up in frustration and go off to read one of the other 152 million blogs out there. Thanks for sticking around on this journey.

I’ve discovered fascinating places and stepped off the beaten path through the blog, and have a long list of places yet to see. Alexandersmap started out as a regional travel blog, after all, and the travel bug still has a hold of me. As with everything, it continues to evolve, and surely will transform over the next 100 posts, and (hopefully) the 1000 after that. Who knows? With luck and a sound mind maybe I’ll hit 10,000 posts. At this pace that would be in 28 years… just imagine what we might be writing about then.

You know what? I think I’ll just focus on 901. And hope I get there.

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  1. I always wondered about this: 152 million blogs on the internet, and 75 millions using WordPress – holy cow!
    I am so fed up with wordpress that now I am using blogger with my own domain name.

    1. I started with Blogger and moved to WordPress. Both have frustrated me, but for now WordPress will do. I think ultimately it depends on how many features you want versus beautiful simplicity. If I took more time to learn coding I’d consider dropping both. Whatever you choose, keep writing!

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