Floating Across Time

Now I’m a reader of the night sky
And a singer of inordinate tunes.
That’s how I float across time
Living way past my prime
Like a long lost baby’s balloon.
— Jimmy Buffett, Coastal Confessions

Time flies, and we all go along for the ride. The question everyone asks is how long will the ride be? Fair, but I think the better question is, will I be enjoying the ride to the end? Put another way, how do we get there without the wheels coming off during the trip?

It begins with a sharp mind, and diverse interests. We must find things to do with our time that excite us, make us want to leap out of bed and get to it. I’ve never understood the snooze button, though I love a good night’s sleep. Rest is important–I don’t need any reason for my mind to fog up. When dementia runs in your family, you think about nutrition, exercise and rest more than you might otherwise. Fully living to the end involves being fully aware of yourself and the world when you get there.

Those pillars of good health, nutrition, exercise and rest are the foundation that carry us through the ups and downs of life. When you don’t feel good you can’t fully live. I’ve seen too many examples of health letting someone down just as they set out to finally “live”. What we do today matters tomorrow: Each workout matters. Each bite matters. Each day is a building block. Each should be vibrant, challenging, consistent and fun.

You might think writing about fitness and nutrition means that I’m consistent with each. That would be ridiculous. I’m doing the best I can like most people. When it comes to pillars, two out of three ain’t bad. Three is a very good day. Try to keep the streak alive and do it all again tomorrow. Break the streak? Start a new one. It’s the trend that counts, not the individual highs and lows.

We’re floating across time together. Wondering about the end is fair, but focusing on keeping the wheels from falling off goes beyond wondering. It’s actionable. It seems a worthy goal to work on our daily pillars. If we can influence our quality of life while maybe extending it a bit longer, shouldn’t we try?

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