Being Hard to Find

I stepped away from the platform formerly known as Twitter some time ago, losing a familiar information source but gaining meaningful time in my life. The replacement platforms haven’t measured up, but I stay with them anyway. For all the hype about Nest and Mastodon, they haven’t come close to what Twitter was at its peak. But neither has Twitter in its current incarnation. The wisest among us warn against relying on any platform too much. Build your own platform, they say. Right.

It seems that I’ve become hard to find. Tactically, I’ve been meaning to change this for months. Changing the look and feel of the blog, bringing back email subscriptions, and good heavens; putting the blog on more platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn were all possibilities. All this to make a bigger splash.

The question we all ask ourselves about this blogging thing is why. Why do this with our precious time instead of something else? Why do we seek out readers? Why write and publish regularly at all? The answer is ours alone. Some of us are promoting our work or art, some are motivated to hone their craft, some are absolutely trying to make money, and others are simply keeping score of where they’ve been in this world. At some point all of these cross your mind. But there’s always a core why.

I’m just writing and publishing every day until one day I won’t anymore. It may be hard to find at the moment, and possibly always will be, but the core why is represented well: To be curious, to seek to understand, to close the gap between who I was and who I seek to be and to write about this magnificent journey daily.

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