Postcard From New Hampshire, January 2022

New Hampshire in winter is an oddity of weather. It’s January and there’s no snow in Southern New Hampshire. Not down in the southern border states. No, not here. You’ve got to go north to find any significant snow. The mountains up north are a winter wonderland while down on the southern border just a…

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Where Savoring Happens

“He who is everywhere is nowhere.” – Seneca Simplify. Focus on fewer things. Focus on important things. Things of consequence. Quietly move away from the shallow pool of life into the deeper waters. Less splashing and shouting. You can’t dive deeply in shallow water. You must go deeper—away from the noise. Where life is richer….

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Serious, True Work… Foreseen

The stamina of an old, long-noble race in the eyebrows’ heavy arches. In the mild blue eyes, the solemn anguish of a child and, here and there, humility—not a fool’s, but feminine: the look of one who serves. The mouth quite ordinary, large and straight, composed, yet not unwilling to speak out when necessary. The…

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No Time for Tired

Mais où sont les neiges d’antan! (Oh, where are the snows of yesteryear!) – François Villon, Ballade des dames du temps jadis We’re all a bit tired, aren’t we? Tired of the pandemic, tired of political deviants and extremists, tired of people not caring about the environment or really anything but themselves. Tired of things…

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Water and Wine, Experience and Emotion

“The best wine is the oldest, the best water the newest.’ Water is experience, immediate sensation, and wine is emotion, and it is with the intellect, as distinguished from imagination, that we enlarge the bounds of experience and separate it from all but itself, from illusion, from memory, and create among other things science and…

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My 12 Favorite Books of 2021

I’ll finish the year having read somewhere between 34-36 books. That includes some heavy lifting non-fiction, some escapist pager turner fiction and a couple of books of poetry. All but one are older classics that I finally tackled in 2021. We ought to live a bit outside ourselves more often, and reading is an easy…