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Tossing Aside the Blindfold

“In the eighteenth century, when educated European tourists visited the Alps, they deliberately blindfolded their eyes to shield themselves from the evidence of the earth’s horrid irregularity. It is hard to say if this was not merely affectation, for today, newborn infants, who have not yet been taught our ideas of beauty, repeatedly show in…

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Opting for a Colorful Plate

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” ― Ann Wigmore A coworker recently brought up his frustration with the the “plateful of brown” options available for breakfast at a typical American hotel chain: eggs, bacon, sausage links, bread, potatoes or hash…

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Savoring Moderate Consumption

“Thrift isn’t stinginess. It’s a cure for overconsumption.” — Stanley Tucci We are spiraling headfirst into the consumption holidays. In many ways it’s already begun with Halloween, didn’t it? Purchase one bag of candy more than we really need to, and suddenly the pants are a bit snugger than they were a few weeks ago….


Sensing November

November. Stick season in the northern hemisphere. The big reveal as the trees grudgingly go to sleep for winter. The weather begins to sort itself out, and we come to terms with what it brings us. For there’s no denying the seasons now. As with everything in life, we reconcile ourselves to the changes and…

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Realizing the Benefits of Repetitive Action

“One thing I’ve found… the road rarely rises up to meet you until you’ve begun walking.” — Michele Jennae On my one day off this weekend, on a day of rest no less, I walked twenty thousand steps around my house while pruning trees and shrubs, raking up leaves onto a tarp and hauling them…