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What is Precious

What is preciousinside us does notcare to be knownby the mindin ways that diminishits presence.-David Whyte, The Winter of Listening A storm pivots around New England, sideways rain one minute, bright sunshine the next. Cold wind pushing the swirling mix about, demanding attention. I step outside and look for the rainbow that must be out…

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Reaching Beyond Yourself

Just beyondyourself. It’s whereyou needto be. Half a stepintoself-forgettingand the restrestoredby whatyou’ll meet. – David Whyte, Just Beyond Yourself Reaching beyond yourself can be frustrating, humbling and sometimes humiliating. The ego wants to be in a happier place, warmly wrapped up in comfortable self-talk and stretching just far enough… but not too far. But that’s…

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A Meaningful Walk

If you’re counting walking as a workout, at what point does it really count? When you reach 10,000 steps? By how many flights of stairs it equates to? Or is simply getting out and walking enough to count? It depends, doesn’t it? It depends on fitness level, on injuries or disabilities you’re working with, and…

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Friends with the Sky

“One of the many ways we have made ourselves lonely without gaining the deeper nourishment and intimacies of true aloneness, is the way we have lost the greater supporting circle of friendship available to us in the created, natural world: to be friends with the sky, the rain, the changing light of a given day…

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What Shape Waits in the Seed of You?

Now, looking through the slanting light of the morning windowtoward the mountain presence of everything that can bewhat urgency calls you to your one love?What shape waits in the seed of youto grow and spread its branchesagainst a future sky?Is it waiting in the fertile sea?In the trees beyond the house?In the life you can…

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Freeze and Thaw

In the dark time of the year. Between melting and freezing The soul’s sap quivers.– T.S. Eliot, Little Gidding There are more famous lines from this poem, but this is the time of sap buckets and lines run between maple trees in New England, so forgive me for straying from the popular. For these are…

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Trust Our Heaviness

How surely gravity’s law,strong as an ocean current,takes hold of the smallest thingand pulls it toward the heart of the world. Each thing—each stone, blossom, child —is held in place.Only we, in our arrogance,push out beyond what we each belong tofor some empty freedom. If we surrenderedto earth’s intelligencewe could rise up rooted, like trees….