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Be Less Comfortable

“It takes many hours to make what you want to make.  The hours don’t suddenly appear.  You have to steal them from comfort.  Whatever you were doing before was comfortable.  This is not.  This will be really uncomfortable.” – Derek Sivers, Where To Find The Hours To Make It Happen This phrase, stealing hours from…

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Everything Flows

“Wu-wei is the understanding that energy is gravity, and thus that brush writing, or dancing, or judo, or sailing, or pottery, or even sculpture is following patterns in the flow of liquid.” “Panta rhei—everything flows, and therefore the understanding of water is the understanding of life. Fire is water falling upwards.” – Alan Watts, Cloud-Hidden,…

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O wondrous creatures, By what strange miracle Do you so often Not smile? – Hafiz, Strange Miracle The world is challenging at the moment.  It’s always been challenging of course, but most of us never really felt the full weight of the world like we do this year.  Still, there’s plenty of reason to smile,…