LII and Counting

Super Bowl LII is tonight.  I’ll be 52 myself this year.  For almost 1/3 of my life the Patriots led by Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have been in or contending for the a place in the Super Bowl.  It’s been a memorable run.  Tonight they’ll play in another one.  We all know that it won’t go on forever.  We know that someday they’ll both retire.  Time catches up to all of us eventually, and in sports it seems to happen even faster than in life.

I watch my dog Bodhi getting older, and I look in the mirror and see it in myself.  There’s something cruel about the lifespan of a dog.  You grow together over the years.  Those first years together are full of energy, discipline, and sometimes anger and frustration.  I’ll always remember the time I planted daffodil bulbs in the garden, sprinkled with bone meal fertilizer.  I came outside later to see Bodhi wagging his tail and my garden looking like a scene out of World War I – large holes dug, dirt and bulbs scattered all over the place.  I questioned having a dog in that moment.  Nowadays I watch Bodhi struggling to stand up and walk up and down stairs, and I wonder how long we’ll have him with us.  I hope for at least one more year, but we’ll see.

Time is ticking along for all of us, and we’re really only guaranteed this moment.  As I watch Brady get older (on paper anyway), I wonder how long he’ll keep playing.  He’s a major injury or a candid conversation with Giselle away from hanging up the cleats.  Today I’m going to live in the moment, enjoy the Super Bowl for the spectacle it is.  We’ll be with friends and celebrating the Patriots getting there again, and rooting for another win.  And I’ll hope for at least one more year, but we’ll see.

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