Travel Bug

Travel Bug

I was watching a program on television where the host was exploring Bermuda and eating a fish sandwich at Woody’s.  I admit it choked me up a bit.  Not because I have a soft spot for fish sandwiches (though I do love a good fish sandwich), but because it’s a destination “out there” that I haven’t been to yet.  There’s a very long list of places like that.  More pressing, it’s an experience that I haven’t had that I desperately want to have.

I’ve made progress on my list, having gone to several faraway places over the last few years that were definitely highlights.  But there’s so many more to see, and so little bloody time to do it.  I’ve heard the calling again, and so I plot to explore while I still have time and health and sound mind enough to do it.

This week I’m heading north to Maine.  This puts me close enough to exciting options that I may just take advantage of them.  I’m choosing a life of travel.  Perhaps not on the grande scale I envision just yet, but incremental, opportunistic travel nonetheless.  Chasing experiences wherever I may.

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