World Series

World Series

Sleep deprivation is common when your team is in the World Series, and the 18 inning marathon that ended at 3:30 this morning set me up for a rough day today.  The Red Sox and Dodgers played an epic Game 3, and I was in awe of Nathan Eovaldi pitching in relief for 90+ pitches of shutout baseball until the Dodgers finally hit a walk-off home run.  I’ll save the hyperbole for others, but it was one of those games that you’ll remember.

Watching sports is a time suck.  And there’s no greater time suck than baseball.  That game robbed me of over seven hours of my life, and taxed me of energy I might otherwise use for a productive Saturday morning.  But the tradeoff is the shared joy and agony of cheering for the same team.  Sports are a distraction from the darker stuff that happens in life, and offers some of the only unscripted moments you’ll find on television.  But at some point you have to get on with your own life.
Being a Boston sports fan offers many opportunities for joy and agony.  For my own sanity I try to keep the regular season games to a minimum but double down during the playoffs.  We’ve been spoiled with the four professional sports teams in Boston, but the tradeoff is time.  We all have to ask what is the best use of my limited time on this planet?  For me the drama of sport is worth the exchange.  But it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if the Red Sox closed this out in two games instead of wringing me through four more.

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