2018 is the year when I’ve finally sickened of the addictive, time-sucking apps on my phone.  I’ve deleted and re-added Twitter, and now work to pair down my focus on it.  I’ve deleted and definitely NOT gone back to Words With Friends.  And now I’m toying with the idea of dramatically limiting my exposure to Facebook.

There’s a new term making the rounds lately; JOMO – Joy Of Missing Out, which inserts joy where fear used to reside.  Frankly I’m all in on that.  I’m making 2019, beginning now, the year of JOMO.  I’m deleting FB off my phone, so I can only look at it on my iPad.  I’m figuring out what to do with Twitter, which I enjoy using as a news feed, but frankly the news sucks nowadays and I’d rather focus on things I can control.
According to my Screen Time feature on the iPhone, I’ve been on Twitter for 4 hours over the last 7 days, Facebook for a little more than 2 hours, and InstaGram and Safari for almost 2 hours each.  That’s not bad compared to a lot of people, but that’s still more than I’d like.  Combined Social Media time for the last 7 days is 11 hours and 55 minutes.  Ouch.  When I think of that stack of books I’m trying to work through, and the time I’m spending mentally away from my family and friends during the holidays it’s not good.
That said, Social Media can be a good thing in doses.  So I’m going to set screen time limits on my phone and iPad and work to honor those.  I’m going to start using the Watch more as I try to increase my overall activity.  But overall this is an opportunity to change my habits as we roll into the New Year.  

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