The Reading List

Each day the reading list grows.  The will to read is there, and I’m working through the stacks, but the stack grows nonetheless.  I feel like Permetheus pushing the rock up the hill when it comes to tacking the mountains of books I’d like to get through.  Counting some Christmas additions and leftover 2018 reading list books that I’m either still trying to get through or trying to get to, I’m looking at dozens of books.  While I’m happy to have completed many of the books on my 2018 list, I regret the  distractions that kept me from completing the rest.  So here we are, heading into the New Year, and these are the books that I’d like to complete in 2019:

How the Scots Invented the Modern World
Guns, Germs and Steel
This is Marketing
The Map Thief
American Nations
The Count of Monte Cristo
Cultural Amnesia
The French and Indian War
Letters from a Poet
The Way of the Seal
The Cuban Affair
For Whom the Bell Tolls
The Rising Tide
The Fateful Lightning
Empire of Liberty
Valiant Ambition
Benedict Arnold’s Navy

Twenty-one books.  Thirteen are historical novels or cover historical events. one sports biography, one self-improvement, one business book (marketing), four fiction and one is a book of letters from a poet.  It’s history-heavy, but then that’s an interest of mine.  My short term goal is to finish seven of them – 1/3 – by the end of April.  So I’d better get focused.

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