Empty Houses

Cape Cod and other places that are chock full of tourists in summer are incredibly empty in the dead of winter.  Last night I drove to the Cape for a quick night in Pocasset before driving to Providence, Rhode Island for an early meeting this morning.  I noticed a few things in my drive last night.  First, there were very few cars keeping me company on the highway.  Second, almost every business was closed by 10 PM, when I was driving through.  And finally, I noticed the empty houses.

Cape Cod in winter has thousands of empty houses.  All of them dormant and patiently waiting for the return of their tenants.  Empty houses are dark, cold and lonely soldiers all lined up along the side of the road.  Coming across the few houses that are lit up with life adds a little cheer to an otherwise drab January commute.  Entire neighborhoods are empty, giving a lifeless, end of days appearance to what I’ve usually acquainted with on these streets.
For one night, I had the family house lit up as a beacon to those who would look for life on a dormant street.  Tonight the house returns to stillness, like the rows of houses around it.  I’ll be back again soon to bring life back to the street, and hope that next time I won’t be carrying the torch alone.

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