Poetry in Motion

I’m writing this as windblown sleet bounces off the windows, announcing the change in the weather outside.  The overnight snow as turned to sleet, and I hear freezing rain is to our south and may swing up to us.  This would lead to power outages and turn the overnight snow into concrete.  Timing is everything on days like today.  Clean the driveway too soon and you’ll have to do it once or twice more.  Too late and you’ll have a tortuous fight against a wall of ice.  Such is the New England winter.

“There is clarity (and joy) in seeing what others can’t see, in finding grace and harmony in places others overlook.  Isn’t that far better than seeing the world as some dark place?” – Ryan Holiday
The entire point of this blog is to document my observations and practice my writing skills and build daily writing habits in the process.  If you’re reading this you’re in a distinct minority, but let me take a moment to thank you for taking the time.  I hope I make the journey interesting enough to stick around.
Outside I can hear the snowblower roar and grunt as one of my neighbors gets to work on their driveway.  I need to do the same soon.  The sleet indicates the changeover.  We aren’t going back to snow.  So it’s time to leave the warm comfort of the house for an hour or so and get to work.  I make that statement knowing full well how easy I have it compared to the linemen who will be restoring power across the region, or the people plowing all night and day as I slept and sipped my coffee.  We live in a world where people don’t look up from their phones or Netflix long enough to notice the world dancing around us.  Snow turns to sleet and then to freezing rain.  We in turn react to this changing state.  It’s all a chess match this New England life.  I need to step out and make my next move.

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