Super Worm Equinox Moon

There’s a super worm equinox moon tonight.  Besides being a crazy pick-up line, it’s marking the beginning of spring in stunning fashion as it rose.  And the only way to have seen it was to be outside.  Too many people hole themselves up in their houses or offices, never being one with nature. That’s not me.  I prefer to be outside.  And I’ve felt the impact of Bodhi getting older as I don’t walk outside as much as I used to.

I’m using the equinox as an occasion for change.  I’m getting outside more.  I’m rowing again – 5000 meters earlier this evening – more consistency with it going forward.  Fitness for me is strongly tied to the amount of outdoor time I carve out for myself.

I thought about America’s Stonehenge when I saw the moon rising about the hills of New Hampshire tonight.  I imagine it was a hell of a show watching the super moon rising through the channel cut through the trees for just such an occasion.  I also thought if I’d planned better perhaps a picture of the moon rising out of the ocean would have been spectacular.  Alas, I didn’t plan, but I did have the opportunity to watch it rise.  That will have to be enough.

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