Sunbeams and White Oak

There’s something about the angle of the sun at dawn and dusk that is magical.  The sun hasn’t dropped down to the horizon yet, but seems to be shining through a magnifying glass to illuminate everything it reaches.  Western faces of trees become bleached in sunshine and eastern faces dimmed in shadows that cast deep into the forest behind.

My favorite tree in my backyard is a massive white oak.  It was once hidden by young white pine trees and scrawny maples.  When we cleared the smaller trees in front of it the white oak jumped out as the star of the backyard.  It’s times like dusk with the natural spotlight of the sun shining bright upon the light gray bark of this old veteran of the forest really – and literally – shines.


The sun has long since set, but I’m still thinking about the glow in the forest tonight.  And I’m grateful for having been there to witness it.  For the glow has reflected back on me.

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