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Wiggle Your Way Out

“Hand in hand, on the edge of the sand, they danced by the light of the moon.”
– Edward Lear

The moments I feel euphoric are when I’m outside of myself. Dancing, rowing, celebrating life with others, walking in the clouds or swimming below the surface. I think this is common for all humans, we’re most miserable when we’re bottled up and feeling the pressure. Pop that cork and pour out the worst of it. For there is life to be lived.

When the world weighs you down, wiggle your way out. Move. Dance your way free of the madness. Walk until you forget what you’re walking away from. Climb so high that you lose sight of the troubles you left far below.

Simple, right?

The world is more complicated than that, of course. But state changes happen when we engage the body in the conversation, not just the mind. We get so focused on the challenges that we forget to move. That kind of conversation is a bit too one-sided.

The world could use a collective wiggle. All of us out there in celebration of our short dance together. Imagine the stories. Imagine the joyful euphoria. Dancing by the light of the moon, hand in hand.

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