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Destinations Are Where We Begin Again

Ships go sailing
Far across the sea
Trusting starlight
To get where they need to be
— Josh Groban, Believe

A challenging couple of years brings us back to Christmas morning 2021. We know it’s not over just yet, this pandemic, but we have optimism for the year ahead. Tempered by other challenges in the world, other realities at home. Life isn’t easy, it was only framed that way by our support system of family and friends and community. Generous spirits that touch our lives at just the right time. Helping us navigate the stormiest of seas. Relationships make life worthwhile. Belief in ourself begins to develop in our tightest circles, and carries us to destinations we never imagined when we began.

May you have the opportunity to spend time with those who love you most today. Merry Christmas.

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