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Time Zone Brevity

The thing about business travel that is especially challenging is maintaining positive habits in the face of all that comes at you. There is an art to navigating time changes, location changes and routine changes, added to the usual crush of responsibilities, and following through on commitments we’ve made to ourselves. Habits and streaks seem to hold me in line most of the time. This week almost every habit has been turned on its head. Save one.

The streak remains alive, even in the busiest of weeks. Writing every day is the one habit I promised myself I’ll stick with through thick and thin. There may yet come a day when the internet fails me, my health and wellbeing throw me for a loop or other circumstances remove the opportunity to write. Life is unpredictable after all. In the worst of days, sometimes brevity is the answer. It isn’t about reps or word count, it’s about showing up.

This isn’t meant to be posturing. I know streaks are made to be broken. One day I won’t write and click publish. Even knowing someday the streak will end, what we choose to be our unbreakable habits matters a great deal in this mad world.

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