The Thing About Food Blogs

“Songwriting is a really intimate experience, it’s kind of like sitting down with a stranger and telling them every secret of your soul…you have to be not afraid to make a fool of yourself.” — Madonna

I love great food as much as anyone. And I love writing this blog, and have managed to do it every day for a long time now. But generally my days of writing about the best fish and chips in the world are over. I just want to focus on bigger things, thank you.

I write this just after experiencing back-to-back meals worthy of writing about. Incredible Greek food worthy of several posts, and a perfect New Jersey bagel and cream cheese that stands up with the many amazing bagel places in the region. As a New Englander I can bow to the Metro New York region on certain foods. Just don’t talk to me about their clam chowder.

The thing about food blogs is that they’re generally uncontroversial. You write about a great meal, take a few pictures and move on with your life. It’s also a great way to gain some followers in the wonderful and passionate world of food. And you don’t tend to have family and friends asking you pointed questions about when you’re going to do the things you say you want to do in your blog (nobody has all the answers: a blog is a forum for sorting things out). There are few things less less enjoyable than explaining a blog post to someone with a stake in the game you’re playing in the real world.

Perhaps the answer is to have multiple blogs, writing about travel, food, philosophy, poetry and history in distinct blog buckets. Perhaps even anonymously. But really, that’s not what this particular blog is. It’s a bit of everything in a world that is much bigger than the writer trying to take it all in. It will remain as it is, as will I, and the chips will fall where they may. Still, I love a great meal.

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