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The Other Side

What happens when you reach the other side of climate change? When is that step too far? Is it the blood orange sunrises from all the smoke in the atmosphere, or the closed trails and roads flooded to ruin? Is it the oppressive heat in the Middle East well above anything a living creature could survive in? I look at the trees for guidance and find they’re equally perplexed. More fallen leaves and branches than ever recollected, some fungus turning tree tops autumn colors in July. Do we wonder what’s happening to us?

We generally agree we ought to do more, but rely on too many incompetent charlatans to bring transformation just when we need leadership the most. It’s now or never, and we must each rise to meet it. Will we? Have we thus far? When will we reach the other side of apathy?

A not-so-normal but all-to-common 2023 sunrise. This is a real picture.

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