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“Make sure you’re not made ‘Emperor,’ avoid that imperial stain. It can happen to you, so keep yourself simple, good, pure, saintly, plain, a friend of justice, god-fearing, gracious, affectionate, and strong for your proper work. Fight to remain the person that philosophy wished to make you. Revere the gods, and look after each other….



“To act is to modify the shape of the world.” – Jean-Paul Sartre It’s a shame that the phrase have a bias towards action spun into cliché business speak, because I do believe having a bias towards action serves you well in this world.  For me it’s a kick in the ass reminder to get…

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Friday’s feel a bit different when your entire week is spent working from home… And the weekend before that… And this coming weekend too. Indeed, Saturday and Sunday feel different, and so does Monday. There’s a cadence to a normal week that’s been disrupted for most everyone, but it’s all kind of lumped together now…