Don’t Cry About the Weather

Don’t Cry About the Weather

The day after the “bomb cyclone” storm that dumped a foot of snow in my area, and wreaked havoc on the coastal areas.  It’s a day when we all take a breath, finish cleaning up the mess and get on with living.  The weather, and the seasons in general, are just part of the cycle.  New Englanders generally don’t get too spun up about it, no matter how much the news channels try to raise your heart rate.  We’ve seen it before and know what to expect.  Though “bomb cyclone” is a new one for us, the weather is what it is.  No use carrying on about it, just clean it up and move on.  Which is what I’m doing now.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to explore the history of the region, add some cultural observations, write about food, travel, and generally try to make this an interesting read.  After all, this blog could either be an ego stroke or something slightly more worthwhile of your time.

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