Surviving Winter

Surviving Winter

Bomb cyclones and polar vortexes, blizzard conditions and brutal cold.  That’s 2018 weather so far.  I think about the first settlers to this region when the weather gets like this.  Depleted food stores, meager heat thrown from the fire you had to feed all year to survive.  Threats from the native population that they were encroaching on, or from the turf wars between the French, British and Dutch.  Tough to stay alive in those days, let alone thrive.  But many of these settlers were used to violent displacement.  Life is easier in so many ways now, and there are safety nets for most of us should be flounder.  Yet most people don’t live.  They seek distraction from their lives in celebrity culture, sports, politics, or television.  We all do it really, but I’m trying to make 2018 more about making progress in my own life and less about everything else.

Outside the wind howls like its the end of days.  I hope not, because I have a lot to do.


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