Coating to an Inch

There’s mental math that you do when you live in New England.  When the forecast calls for snow followed by temperatures above freezing, you need to decide the cutoff point where you ignore or clear the snow accumulated on the driveway.  Today is a classic case of just enough accumulation – more than a coating – to consider scraping it off the driveway and deck.  My default after years of experience is that you clean the driveway and enjoy the warming trend later.  Don’t count on a melt-off, because New England weather can dash your dreams quickly.

I’ve had plenty of coating to an inch storms that I’ve decided to let Mother Nature “just melt” that have haunted me later.  That warming trend doesn’t materialize, the meteorologist shrugs and marvels at the way the front came through and I’m left with a skating rink for a driveway.  No, best to clear the driveway and deck and just call it a light workout.

There have been some business trips where I’ve come home and the residents of the home have determined that the math worked in their favor.  That’s when ice melt becomes your ally.  When the equation turns to despair, you introduce ten to twenty pounds of salt to the driveway.  This is a safety net, but not the preferred way of doing things.  This paragraph is curmudgeon talk.  Best to just keep your mouth shut, clean the driveway as best you can and wait a day to three weeks until the next warming trend melts off the discretion.

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